Welcome To Rockbottom

Welcome to Rockbottom


Mustard Sprout Media LLC

Directed by John Elden Gibbons

Starring: Teresa S. Landry

Run Time: 25 Min.

Empty nesters’ mid-life crisis leads to mystical mishaps and comedy in the woods because “Strange things happen at Rockbottom.”
“Welcome to Rockbottom” is a stand-alone pilot-style short film. Stan and Betty Rockbottom are characters created by John & Teresa Gibbons for their paper log (Plog /FanZine – “Rockbottom Tattler”: 3000 units circulated to date).

John Gibbons is the grandson of the writer and actor Euell T. Gibbons of Grape-Nuts Cereal fame, best known for his wild-food books – Stalking the Wild AsparagusStalking the Healthful Herbs and Stalking the Blue-Eyed Scallop.

“Welcome to Rockbottom” can be viewed during a lunch break on a mobile device or anytime for a quick laugh. This film is a pilot run toward a full-length feature. The upcoming feature will combine comedy with sci-fi, fantasy, magic, and mythical creatures.
Younger groups – Millennials and Gen-Zers – will enjoy laughing at the Boomer mentality and the ever-changing conflicts between the generations in this light-hearted farce. The current trend toward short, connected skits is filled with this film.


Mustard Sprout Media LLC. is on track to deliver 40 original productions over the next year, including “Welcome to Rockbottom.”.


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Betty finds Tools

You wrecked our van


No, we don’t have any money.



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